RFWild shoots for the stars and reaches incredible 50 GHz!

It was a bit challenging to measure our brand new circuit: we had to travel more than 8000 km and figure out a “very unusual” probing technique (details only upon contact! No exceptions :-)). But in the end we were fully delighted to see a spectrum component that high!

This 50 GHz oscillator was designed by RFWild´s “Ninja of Oscillators” Emmanuel Dupouy,  fabricated in GF´s CMOS 130nm technology, and measured at the XLIM laboratory in France (www.xlim.fr), who we acknowledge for the great experimental support.

This time you will not see any celebration photos, since part of the crew is still in France, but incidentally in this case we are very well placed to bring back home a good “bouteille de champagne” (champagne bottle). New photos coming soon! 🙂

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