RFWild´s bench ready for remotely controlled measurements

When we ask an off-the-site characterization of our device, it is common to forget a complementary (although sometimes revealing) measurement in the original characterization plan. More importantly, when experimental results don´t match expectations we become “desperate” to interact more closely with our “child” and with the measurement setup.

Well, RFWild´s team put on a “wild” solution to these problems, which will indeed help us implementing several of our ideas. Our bench is completely controlled by  a computer which can be safely accessed by internet! We have more than 35 thousand code lines to ensure turn key measurements as well as safety from the device and setup perspectives.

Please check our video in which we demonstrate that an I x V characterization of a MOSFET and incorporation of experimental reaults into ADS may take less than 5 minutes. We hope you enjoy the sound track 🙂  (ça déchire!)

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